Episode 59: Beating Tetris with Willis, Speedruns, Billy Mitchell, and More (sorta)Tropes

Episode 59: Beating Tetris with Willis, Speedruns, Billy Mitchell, and More (sorta)Tropes

In today’s show, we run the gamut. We talk about Tetris and video game kids who are weirder than us. We also introduce you to some other cool things and laugh at more tropes from the show Monarch and Echo. Turn on, tune in, but don’t drop out. We need the metrics.

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Episode 59: Beating Tetris with Willis, Speedruns, Billy Mitchell, and More (sorta)Tropes   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. We are Terrible Meteorologists:
    • Discussed a previous episode where they incorrectly predicted no snow, leading to unexpected snowfall in Pennsylvania. Mention of the title of the last episode, “RIP Snow” clearly jinxed everyone.
  2. Personal Experiences with Snow:
    • One of the hosts talks about his kids finally going sledding.
    • Discussion about how schools handle snow days now, with “flexible instruction days” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Mention of kids having to complete school assignments at home on snow days.
  3. Work and Personal Life Balance:
    • One host describes his workday, focusing on staring at spreadsheets and data analysis.
    • Discussion about being both analytically and creatively skilled.
    • Mention of their process for editing and producing the podcast.
  4. Technical Issues in Podcast Production:
    • Discussion about a technical glitch encountered while exporting their podcast.
  5. Star Wars Discussion:
    • Talk about upcoming Star Wars movies and different universes they will explore.
    • Mention of a John Favreau movie, a James Mangold movie, and a new Jedi Order movie.
    • Discussion about the setting of the Mangold movie in the era of the New Republic and its medieval-like setting for Jedi.
  6. Ghostbusters Discussion:
    • Discussion about the cover of Empire’s March issue featuring the Ghostbusters.
    • Speculation about Annie Potts being a Ghostbuster in the new movie.
    • Mention of the influence of “The Real Ghostbusters” cartoon on the new Ghostbusters movie, particularly in ghost and character design.
    • Debate over the absence of Egon (Harold Ramis) in the new Ghostbusters movies.
    • Discussion about Bill Murray’s involvement in Ghostbusters projects post-Harold Ramis’s death.
  7. General Pop Culture Commentary:
    • Commentary on the trend of excessive fan service and reliance on CGI in movies.
    • Concerns about the potential overuse of old intellectual properties and the impact on franchises like Ghostbusters.
  8. Bill and Ted Franchise:
    • Brief mention of Alex Winter discussing a story for “Bill and Ted 4.”
    • Acknowledgment that “Bill and Ted 3” was not widely seen.
  9. Closing Remarks:
    • Hosts thank listeners and encourage them to share the podcast.
    • Mention of their website for comments and feedback.
    • Final sign-off and end of the podcast episode.