Episode 50: Do Not Adjust Your Television

Episode 50: Do Not Adjust Your Television

In today’s 50th episode, we discuss:

  1. The greatest tickle song on the planet?
  2. A few great examples of when people hacked into live television broadcasts. Captain Midnight, anyone?
  3. The bloodier MCU and Echo.
  4. Abandoned factories. Would you be brave enough to walk these places?
  5. An update on The Killdozer discussion.
  6. The week’s movie news

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Episode 50: Do Not Adjust Your Television   


Show Summary

Show details:

In the episode titled “Do Not Adjust Your Television” from the podcast “Too Much CGI,” the hosts engage in a light-hearted and humorous discussion on various pop culture topics. They delve into the peculiarities of the internet, emphasizing the show’s focus on exploring odd and intriguing online content.

A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to discussing the impact of YouTube algorithms on content visibility, particularly highlighting an incident where their “Killdozer” video faced restrictions. This leads to a broader conversation about the challenges of growing a podcast in a saturated market and the importance of audience ratings in enhancing visibility.

The hosts also touch upon personal topics, like dealing with Daylight Savings Time and seasonal depression, adding a human element to the show. They discuss the use of mood lights as a coping mechanism, providing insights into their personal lives and struggles.

The conversation shifts to pop culture, specifically the changes in The Simpsons, where Homer will no longer strangle Bart, reflecting on societal changes and the evolving nature of humor and entertainment. The episode concludes with thoughts on content creation, the balance between pleasing audiences and staying true to one’s vision, and the influence of corporate ownership, like Disney’s, on creative content.