Episode 53: Fa La La La Bah Humbug

Episode 53: Fa La La La Bah Humbug

Ugh. It’s that time of year ago. Time for friends and family and cranberries. And of course, Holiday tunes.

Today Michele joins us for a discussion about the best and worst Christmas music. But which side did Mariah Carey’s song land on? Tune in to find out. We make it official.

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Episode 53: Fa La La La Bah Humbug   


Show Summary

Show details:

  1.  The episode starts with a humorous take on Christmas, and the hosts, Bill and Scott, discuss their feelings about the holiday season. Bill is the Grinch, and Scott is a fan. They mention that the episode will focus on Christmas songs, including their favorites and least favorites. Michele is joining this discussion.
  2. The conversation shifts to video games, with a listener named Bill Blades writing in about playing Starfield by Bethesda and reminiscing about older games like Bungie’s Marathon and Halo. The hosts share their experiences and thoughts on these games, particularly their fondness for Halo.
  3. The discussion then moves to an upcoming Alien TV series set 70 years in the future on Earth, created by Noah Hawley with Ridley Scott as an executive producer. The hosts express skepticism about the series, reflecting on the convoluted nature of some of Ridley Scott’s recent work and their general fatigue with the Alien and Predator franchises. They also talk about a new series related to “The Office,” speculating on how it might differ from the original and whether it could capture the same charm.
  4. The episode concludes with a light-hearted Christmas-themed sign-off, with the hosts wishing their listeners a Merry Christmas.