Episode 78: Indiana Smith and the Production Of Doom

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Episode 78: Indiana Smith and the Production Of Doom

Raiders of the Lost Ark started one way and ended another. Come learn the tale of this production. We also discuss other Hollywood and pop culture news.


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Show Summary

Show details:

  1. The hosts discussing their podcast’s name change and listener retention
  2. Reminiscing about old manufacturing jobs and industries in their area
  3. Discussion of the “Rust Belt” region and its history
  4. Behind-the-scenes details about the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark
  5. Alternate casting choices considered for Indiana Jones
  6. Deleted scenes and ideas that were repurposed for sequels
  7. Harold Ramis leaving Galaxy Quest over Tim Allen’s casting
  8. The upcoming reboot of The Crow and controversy surrounding it
  9. Seth Rogen’s thoughts on the future of movies vs. TV
  10. Casting news for the new He-Man movie
  11. Reminiscing about He-Man toys and characters
  12. Marvel rumors about potential Vision and Avengers projects
  13. The Netflix show “Baby Reindeer” and legal issues surrounding it
  14. Brief mentions of other pop culture topics and quick news items