Episode 15: Movie Mistakes You May Have Missed

Episode 15 – Movie Mistakes You May Have Missed

Welcome to our latest episode, Movie Mistakes You May Have Missed. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing movie continuity errors and on-screen mistakes that often go unnoticed by viewers.

Continuity errors are a common mistake that can happen in films, where the filmmakers may forget small details such as props, costumes or hair and makeup, resulting in inconsistencies in the film. One classic example is in the film Gladiator, where you can see a gas canister in the background in one shot, which certainly wasn’t present during the Roman Empire! Now you get the idea.

It’s interesting to note that the filmmakers or editors don’t always pick up these mistakes during post-production, and often go unnoticed by viewers until pointed out. In some cases, the filmmakers may choose to leave the mistake in the film, perhaps for artistic or comedic reasons, or simply because it’s too costly or time-consuming to fix.

In addition to discussing movie mistakes, we’ll also be covering the latest Hollywood news with all the usual hininx.