Episode 62: Retro Tech, Loyalty Programs, and Free Stuff

Episode 62: Retro Tech, Loyalty Programs, and Free Stuff

In this episode, we talk about retro technology you may have forgotten about. Additionally, we talk about the loyalty programs that sucked us in as kids, especially the Pepsi jet. Remember that craziness with us. Stay for the latest Hollywood news.

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Episode 62: Retro Tech, Loyalty Programs, and Free Stuff   


Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Both speakers share their personal struggles with migraines, including symptoms like nausea, light sensitivity, and the inability to continue with daily activities.
  2. They discuss the lack of effective preventative treatments for migraines, mentioning that they only take medication reactively rather than proactively.
  3. One speaker mentions preparing to watch “The Marvels” on Disney+, indicating a sense of obligation to keep up with all MCU content despite varying levels of enthusiasm.
  4. They share mixed feelings about the show “Echo,” noting a lack of emotional impact and questioning the show’s setting choices, such as including a roller skating rink without actual roller skating scenes.
  5. The discussion includes criticism of how Daredevil and Maya Lopez (Echo) were utilized in the show, suggesting that their roles did not significantly enhance the storyline or character development.
  6. The reunion for the film “Groundhog Day” is mentioned, including Bill Murray’s participation and Andie MacDowell’s notable absence, attributed to personal differences with Murray.
  7. The event also served as a tribute to Harold Ramis, with reflections on his contributions to the film and his legacy in the industry.
  8. There’s speculation about Bill Murray’s recent public appearances being part of an “apology tour” to improve his public image following negative press.
  9. The speakers are committed to watching MCU content despite not always finding it memorable or impactful, indicating a sense of investment in the franchise.
  10. They critique the decision-making in entertainment production, such as location scouting and character usage, using “Echo” and its settings as an example.
  11. The conversation includes a brief overview of Bill Murray’s filmography, highlighting a shift in the types of roles and movies he has been involved in over the years.
  12. Many discussions around loyalty programs including the famous Pepsi Jet fiasco.