Episode 10: The Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2022

Episode 10: The Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2022

In this episode of Too Much CGI, we’re diving into the biggest box office bombs of 2022. From big-budget blockbusters to highly-anticipated sequels, we’ll be discussing the reasons behind their failure and analyzing what went wrong. From bad business decisions to poor marketing strategies, we’ll be breaking down the factors that contributed to these movies’ underperformance. We’re not below piling on a bit, either.

Further Reading

Here is a list of 2022 movie flops (some were mentioned on the show).

Morbius (2022): Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is a brilliant biochemist who suffers from a rare blood disease. In an attempt to cure himself, he creates a serum that transforms him into a vampire. Morbius is now stronger and faster than ever, but he also thirsts for blood. He must now learn to control his new powers, or he will become a monster. It’s a strange role for the usually-artistic Leto, but the whole thing just doesn’t work. Comic book fans just didn’t show up.

Babylon (2023): In the late 1920s, Hollywood is in the midst of a major transition. The silent film era is coming to an end, and sound films are becoming the norm. This shift is causing a lot of upheaval in the industry, and many people are struggling to adapt. One of these people is screenwriter Joe Gillis (Brad Pitt). Gillis is down on his luck and struggling to find work. He eventually gets a job writing a script for a big-budget sound film, but he soon realizes that he is in over his head. An all-star cast couldn’t save this bomb.

Lightyear (2022): Lightyear is a spin-off of the Toy Story franchise. It tells the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger who inspired the toy. In this film, Buzz is a young test pilot who is sent on a mission to explore a new planet. However, things go wrong, and Buzz is stranded on the planet for years. He eventually makes it back to Earth but has aged much more than the people he left behind. Buzz must now find a way to get back to his own time, or he will be lost forever. Was the movie bad? Not really. But it wasn’t something that anyone was looking for. 

Black Adam (2022): Black Adam is a DC Comics adaptation. It tells the story of Teth-Adam (Dwayne Johnson), a powerful anti-hero who is freed from his tomb after 5,000 years. Adam is determined to use his powers to protect his people, but he soon finds himself at odds with the Justice Society of America. The Rock is overexposed. Superhero movies are overexposed. This movie performed as it should have… terribly.

The Woman King (2022): The Woman King is a historical drama. It tells the story of the Agoji, a real-life all-female army that fought in West Africa in the 18th century. The Agoji were trained in the art of war and were known for their ferocity and skill. They played a major role in defending their kingdom from invaders. This one went right over audiences’ heads.

The 355 (2022): The 355 is a female-led spy thriller. It follows a group of women from different countries who must team up to stop a global terrorist organization. The women are all experts in their field, and they must use all of their skills to stop the terrorists before it’s too late. Not sure why they thought this one would be profitable.

The Banshees of Inisherin (2022): The Banshees of Inisherin is a black comedy drama. It tells the story of two lifelong friends on a remote Irish island who are forced to confront their past when one of them brings home a new girlfriend. The friends are both deeply troubled, and the arrival of the new girlfriend threatens to shatter their fragile relationship. A swing and a miss.

Ambulance (2022): Ambulance is an action thriller. It follows two brothers who hijack an ambulance after one of them is injured in a bank robbery. The brothers are desperate to escape but soon find themselves in over their heads. They are pursued by the police, and they must use all of their skills to stay alive. Sounds like the same old action flick.

Infinite (2022): Infinite is a sci-fi action movie. It tells the story of a man named Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg) who discovers that he is part of a secret society of people who have the ability to remember past lives. The Society recruits McCauley to help them stop a group of terrorists who are planning to use their abilities to destroy the world. Mark better watch out. More bombs like this and we will be seeing him on the D list.