Episode 63: The McScam

Episode 63: The McScam

Order up a McRib and a side of scam as we talk about Uncle Jerry and his Mcdonald’s Monopoly scam. We also talk about one of the baddest – seriously, he’s a bad dude – people in Hollywood, David O’Russell. Hang in there for the news, and call it a day.

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Episode 63: The McScam   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. The hosts start by mentioning a visit to McDonald’s for the Monopoly game and then transition into a casual conversation, celebrating birthdays and sharing personal anecdotes about family gatherings and food preferences.
  2. They discuss personal updates, including participating in a chili cook-off and reflecting on recent events like the Super Bowl, expressing disappointment in missing the ending and discussing their views on the game’s outcome and performances.
  3. The conversation shifts to commercials aired during the Super Bowl, with the hosts sharing their opinions on the effectiveness and humor of the ads, mentioning specific ones that stood out for various reasons.
  4. They delve into discussions about upcoming movies and TV shows, including “Twisters 2” and “Wicked,” sharing their thoughts on the potential of these productions and reflecting on the impact of CGI and safety in filmmaking.
  5. The hosts also touch on the DC Universe, specifically the “Peacemaker” series and its integration into the new DC Studio Universe, discussing the implications for the franchise and their expectations for future projects.
  6. The conversation concludes with a discussion on Disney Plus’s subscriber numbers and the overall streaming landscape, analyzing the impact of price hikes and strategic moves by Disney to maintain and grow its subscriber base.