Episode 44: Things That Go Bump in the Night: Vol. 2 – Zombies

Episode 44: Things That Go Bump in the Night: Vol. 2 – Zombies

Last week we talked about Vampires, and this week we talk about zombies. Halloween is coming. We love the dead.

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Episode 44: Things That Go Bump in the Night: Vol. 2 – Zombies   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Introduction to the podcast
  2. Discussion about the band Love Sick Drug (LSD) and their song “Zombie”. The band features actor Billy Blair.
  3. Personal experiences with hard rock music
  4. Trip to Dallas and the experience there
  5. Discussion about the city of Dallas and its comparison with Austin
  6. Barbecue culture in Texas
  7. Music recording technology and its accessibility makes it the perfect time for music, but it’s tough to find all the new bands
  8. The state of modern music
  9. The art of barbecuing and its evolution
  10. Experience at the Dr. Gift movie premiere and the community feel of indie filmmaking
  11. The impact of watching a movie in a theater vs. at home
  12. Discussion about the directors and their journey
  13. The role of financial backers in indie films
  14. Future distribution plans for the movie
  15. Personal connections with actors in the movie
  16. The evolution of filmmaking and its community
  17. The importance of emotional reactions in horror movies
  18. The podcast’s outreach and ways to get in touch
  19. The news:
  • Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP) Deal
  • Impact on TV and film industry
  • Actor scheduling conflicts
  • SAG-AFTRA strike
  • Financial details of the new deal
  • Streaming Services: Amazon Prime introducing ads
  • Rising subscription costs for streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu
  • Batman the Animated Series 
  • Censorship and its positive impact on the show
  • Mark Hamill’s role as The Joker
  • Tim Burton’s Concerns 
  • Accusations of cultural appropriation by Warner Brothers
  • His “ownership” of Michael Keaton’s Batman and Nicholas Cage’s Superman
  • Clint Eastwood’s Coca-Cola Ban 
  • Origin related to his son not getting a role in “The Karate Kid”
  • Movie Remakes and Reboots 
  • Krull reboot by J.J. Abrams
  • “Toxic Avenger” remake with Peter Dinklage
  • Viewer habits (e.g., watching Thursday Night Football on Prime)
  • Mention of “Jury Duty” show on Prime