Episode 47: Things That Go Bump in the Night: Vol. 5 – Slashers

Episode 47: Things That Go Bump in the Night: Vol. 5 – Slashers

As we wrap up our 5-episode event, we cover Bill’s favorite monster – the slasher. From Jason to Freddy, we discuss the differences between these monsters and name a few you may have forgotten about.

We also play “things Scott might not know about the Goonies” or something like that. It’s your mom’s favorite part.

Finally, we finish up the show with our latest Hollywood news discussions.

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Episode 47: Things That Go Bump in the Night: Vol. 5 – Slashers   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1.  We talk about things you didn’t know about the Goonies:
    • Deleted Scenes: Octopus and Gorilla Subplot
    • Chunk’s Audition for Mouth’s Role
    • Jeff Cohen’s Career Shift to Hollywood Lawyer
    • Jeff Cohen’s Chickenpox Incident
    • Filming Sequence Over Five Months
    • Cast Team Growth During Filming
    • Strategic Placement of Swearing for Broadcast Editing
    • Different Movie Versions for TV Run Times
    • Real-life Actor Dynamics, Especially the Fratelli Brothers
    • Construction of Real Pirate Ship for Final Scene
    • Choice of Filming Location: Astoria, Oregon
    • Makeup and Special Effects for Sloth
    • Instances Where Spielberg Stepped in to film a lost scene
    • Use of Background Noise to Mask Swearing
  2. Steven Spielberg’s Influence on PG Horror
  3. Spielberg’s Impact on Indiana Jones’ Horror Elements (notably from Temple of Doom)
  4. Discussion on Friday the 13th film series and the changes of Jason Voorhees
  5. Debate on Slasher Movie Villains: Monsters or People?
  6. Deep Dive into Michael Myers and the Halloween Series
  7. New TV Show Based on Camp Crystal Lake
  8. Challenges of Remakes and Reboots of classic 80s horror movies
  9. Role of Special Effects in Horror
  10. Cultural Impact of Horror Icons like Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees
  11. The latest Hollywood news