Episode 48: Vintage 80’s Halloween

Episode 48: Vintage 80’s Halloween

It’s not only our one-year anniversary, but it’s also our day-before-Halloween show. We play a Halloween movie game and talk about our Halloween memories. Remember the costumes? We did. Tune in and relive the best holiday of your childhood.

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Episode 48: Vintage 80’s Halloween   


Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Introduction and Anniversary Celebration: The hosts, Bill and Scott, celebrate the one-year anniversary of their podcast and reflect on their journey.
  2. Inside Jokes and Past Episodes: A discussion about the inside jokes and topics we’ve covered over the past year, including Nuki, Wang Wang, and the “Piss Puck.”
  3. The Exorcist franchise is confusing and doesn’t make sense.
  4. Bill Burr’s movie “Old Dads” is recommended and has received mixed reviews.
  5. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is set to make a new Spawn movie. Do we want this? It is set to star Jamie Foxx.
  6. Influence of 80s Pop Culture: We talk about how the show is heavily influenced by 80s pop culture and consider doing a “clip show” like those popular in the 80s.
  7. Learning and Sharing: The hosts discuss the various topics we’ve educated their audience on, such as biographies of Weird Al Yankovic and Howard Stern, as well as quizzes on song lyrics and movie dialogues.
  8. YouTube is seen as a major channel in the future, and Bill has found a new channel called SocialCatfish.com, which is about catfishing scams. 
  9. We mention episodes where we talked about amusement parks, fantasy movies, and even the worst movies by the best directors.
  10. Daytime TV and Celebrity Deaths: Discussion about episodes that covered daytime TV, Jerry Springer’s death, and Bruce Springsteen.
  11. George Clooney and the Actor’s Strike: We discuss a recent news story about George Clooney offering $150 million to the SAG-AFTRA union to help end the ongoing actor strike.
  12. Competition and Capitalism in Hollywood: A debate on how competition drives change in content and how the union’s demands might affect this.
  13. Looking Forward to Year 2: The hosts express gratitude to their listeners and encourage them to share the podcast with others.
  14. Closing Remarks: We conclude the episode with some humor and thank the audience for their continued support.