Episode 52: What Does Thanksgiving, Arcades, and Roger Rabbit Have in Common?

Episode 52: What Does Thanksgiving, Arcades, and Roger Rabbit Have in Common?

Thank you for checking out our latest episode. We have a varied menu of topics for you today. (Ahem… I assume you’ve read the title of the show.) So let’s jump in, as long as you paid the fee, of course.

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Episode 52: What Does Thanksgiving, Arcades, and Roger Rabbit Have in Common?   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Opening and Thanksgiving Discussion: The hosts, Bill and Scott, start with a Thanksgiving theme, including a reference to Adam Sandler’s turkey song. 
  2. Adam Sandler’s Comedy and Its Relevance Today: They reflect on Adam Sandler’s early comedy, including his skits and music, and discuss how comedy has evolved. Is Adam Sandler funny anymore? If not, how does he keep making movies (including a new animation where he plays a lizard)
  3. Comedy Evolution and Gen Z Humor: The conversation shifts to how comedy has changed across generations, focusing on Gen Z humor and its similarities to humor from the 80s. The Please Don’t Destroy comedy team may have been inspired by this type of silly 1980s comedy. They talk about comedy from “In Living Color” and how some comedians, like Jim Carrey, remain relevant.
  4. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Casting and Storytelling: The discussion moves to the MCU, specifically casting choices like Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards and the overall approach to storytelling in Marvel movies. They can make some actors work, but some are too big. The story (or lack of story in recent years) is the key to successful MCU films. They touch on John Krasinski’s role in the “Multiverse of Madness” and why it was a one-time appearance.
  5. Thanksgiving: They talk about traditions and food.
  6. Classic Arcades: The boys name many old arcade games, from Zaxxon to Burger Time. How many of these games do you remember? 
  7. Closing Remarks and Looking Forward: The episode concludes with the hosts expressing gratitude to their listeners, mentioning future topics, and discussing the upcoming Christmas holiday. They reflect on the high-quality of their podcast and how it stands out amidst the plethora of podcasts available.