Episode 40: What You Should Be Watching

Episode 40: What You Should Be Watching

Let us be your TV Guide! In today’s show, we talk about several new programs we’re checking out. If you’re like us, you’ll probably love them too. Tune in and get turned on to some great pop culture geekery. We also cover the latest Hollywood news.

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Show Summary

Introduction and Nostalgia: The episode begins with a familiar tune, evoking feelings of nostalgia. Hosts Bill and Scott introduce themselves and the podcast’s theme, which revolves around geeky and nostalgic pop culture topics. The camaraderie between the two is evident as they reminisce about their shared experiences.

A Walk Down Memory Lane with “The Price is Right”: The hosts delve into their memories of watching “The Price is Right” during their childhood. They discuss the show’s iconic moments, from contestants’ quirky strategies to memorable games like Plinko and the mountain climber. They also touch upon the show’s cultural impact, including its influence on their own understanding of pricing common household items. Anecdotes about specific contestants, including one who consistently bid 420 and another who had a wardrobe malfunction, add humor to the segment.

Deep Dive into “Monarch Legacy of Monsters”: The conversation shifts to the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Monarch Legacy of Monsters.” This series, set in the expansive Godzilla universe, promises a rich exploration of the Monarch organization’s history and its intricate ties to various legendary monsters. Bill and Scott express their anticipation, especially highlighting the innovative casting choice of Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt Russell. The hosts speculate on the series’ potential plotlines, drawing from their knowledge of the Godzilla lore.

Barry Diller’s Influence: The hosts touch upon Barry Diller’s significant influence in the entertainment industry. They discuss his contributions and the impact he’s had on shaping modern entertainment. He has had some comments about the 2023 writer’s strike.

Adam Sandler’s Cinematic Journey: The hosts then embark on a lively discussion about Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie, “You’re So Not Invited to My Bot Mitzvah.” They humorously dissect its high Rotten Tomatoes rating, contrasting it with some of Sandler’s earlier works. The conversation evolves into a broader examination of Sandler’s career trajectory, from his early comedic roles to his more recent forays into drama, such as his acclaimed performance in “Uncut Gems.” The hosts also touch upon Sandler’s unique ability to remain relevant in the entertainment industry, despite the changing cinematic landscape.

Closing Thoughts and Anticipation: As the episode draws to a close, Bill and Scott share some final thoughts, referencing iconic lines from Sandler’s movies and expressing their excitement for future pop culture releases. They thank their listeners for their continued support and hint at intriguing topics for upcoming episodes.